The Mighty Mighty
SnackBox Brigade

In Dreams...

We face persistent chaos, never relenting to the silence that becomes us.

In the metropolis we are constantly surrounded by the mass of the public sphere. We breathe the motion of the city as it engulfs us in its rapture. But in that sweeping momentum we tend to sacrifice our identity, surrendering our individual ambitions to the instincts of the crowd. It calls us, it longs for us, it takes us away.

And so we find many times that in our greatest moments of interconnectedness the metropolitan dweller is lost in the magnitude of the machine. Its gravity has stripped us of our idiosyncrasies and derailed the random locomotion of our orbits. We become bound by the will of its superstructures and there on the crowded streets we find ourselves alone as a firefly lost deep in the night forest. Each of us in a bubble sealed off from the substance of our existence, always compliant to the demands of the great mass that is The City.

Amidst the den and the chaos there was one who dared to resist. He discovered purpose in the university but in in the process nearly lost it all. From the depths of a brain on the edge of deranged, he found himself suddenly stranded in the Desert of Isolation. On the horizon lay a mirage—nothing more than a gateway to the vacant Land of Loneliness. In order to preserve its integrity his mind became divided, compartmentalizing itself beyond the realms of id, ego, superego, and breaking consciousness on much more dangerous grounds. Enter our champions . . .

The Mighty Mighty SnackBox Brigade are a pint-sized collective of charismatic misfits born of the pure volition for survival. Brothers in arms—they are eternal companions on the voyage of life sharing a bond which can never be broken. From the abandoned corners of the mind they arose as autonomous fragments of the alter-ego of Stylés Akira, each bearing its own set of traits. A coping mechanism for the solitude of graduate study, at times they were the only outlet for socializing and they became the nexus of his creativity as they are presented here—Soldiers of Fortune, and Superheroes in the making.

In addition to serving as the in-house session band for Casa La Doniccé Studios, the Brigade are also the marquee artists of the recording label. Building much anticipation for the release of their debut EP, Little Kids, and the follow-up Long Play album, Captive Youth, their rise to stardom was hinged On The Precipice of Infinity between nap-time and bedtime, always with a snack for good measure.


No. 1 Capitão Stanzi Sempre VerdE Doniccé
—Commander In Chief (VOCALS, Lead GUITAR, Keyboards)

Capitão Stanzi Sempre Verde Doniccé

Captain Stanzi Always was the original alter-ego and imaginary friend of young Stylés Akira. He is an adventurer of many sorts and the commander of an array of strange vessels which he has used for his fantastic exploits. His regular role of authority amongst the crews of these vehicles earned him the title of "Capitão" or Captain. He is an expert in driving subterranean ships, submarine ships, sea ships, amphibious ships, air ships, and space ships. The fearless leader of The Mighty Mighty SnackBox Brigade, Stanzi is the oldest and most sophisticated of the crew, and though it is believed that he stopped aging around seven years, he has been a constant presence in the psyche of Stylés Akira since at least Kindergarten and perhaps before. Within the SnackBox "Capt. D", as he is affectionately known by his comrades, serves as the Commander in Chief, and represents healthy Fruits & Vegetables, as suggested by the middle name 'Verde'. His favorite snacks are Strawberries, Blueberries, Brussels Sprouts, Asparagus, and Spinach, but he is a fan of all vegitative foods and produce. His known powers include an uncanny influence over plant life, and efficiency in its cultivation, problem solving skills beyond recorded levels, advanced mechanics and weapons expertise; and he has been known to demonstrate early stage levitation and telekinesis. As a band member he handles vocals, lead guitar, and keyboards.


NO. 2 Teeter Totter Cheese Doniccé
—Logistics Specialist (Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Brass Instruments, "Hey!")

Teeter Totter Cheese Doniccé

Teeter Totter was the alter-ego of Capt. Doniccé. Specializing in aerial, terrestrial and nautical operations, Teeter proved himself a master of tactical assault strategies by the time he reached the perpetual age of three and a half. Longing to become four he undertook the rigorous pursuit of scholarly subjects in hopes of gaining age with wisdom in contrast to the proverbial notion of the vice versa. He can be noted for his general keenness of wit and stern personality, especially when dealing with enemies. Teeter is a phenom of political diplomacy and a military tactician of the highest order. He serves as the Brigade's head of strategy and logistics, and he represents the Dairy food group within the SnackBox. His favorite foods are Munster, Havarti, Mild Cheddar, and Goat Cheese, as well as Honey flavored Greek Yogurt, and Quatro Formagio Macaroni. His revealed powers consist of prodigious mathematical abilities, advanced spatial reasoning and depth perception, savant level logical evaluation, uncontrolled levitation and early signs of mind reading capabilities. He is the fraternal twin of Custard Crème with whom he forms the indomitable duo 'Cream & Cheese', renowned for their enhanced abilities when their forces are combined under dire straits. His role in the group's band includes vocals, rhythm guitar and brass instruments. He is recognized for his distinct pronouncement of the phrase "Hey!" when his efforts in life have been derailed or otherwise frustrated. 


NO. 3 Custard Crème Doniccé
—Weapons Specialist(Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Wind Instruments)

Custard Crème Doniccé

One half of 'The Indomitable Cream & Cheese Duo', Custard was conceived in the imagination of Teeter Totter as his alter-ego in his own image on the day of his own creation, technically making the pair twins. He has a high degree of proficiency with the development and invention of advanced military grade weaponry such as land to air, sea to air, and sea to land defenses, including the Brigade's Meat-Seeking Missilesystems and High Capacity H2O Bombs. He is a also a master in close-range combat; maintaining the Brigade's store of handheld arsenal such as its Pudding Grenades, Rocket Powered Pasta Slingers, Pie Bazookas, Vegetable Mortars, Semi & Fully Automatic Bean Machine Guns, Snow Pea Sniper Rifles, Kumquat Slingshots, and Tortilla Blades used in hand-to-hand assault. He is the Brigade's Master of Arms and within the SnackBox he represents the Sugars & Fatty Oils food group. His favorite snacks are Organic Custard Cream Cookies, Avocado Cocao Pudding, Honey Bee Honey Combs, and Animal Crackers. His known powers closely complement those of his twin with hyper-advanced mathematical abilities, and a particular expertise in physics. He has shown accelerated capabilities with kinetic intelligence, and physical dexterity, as well as highly sensitive reaction speeds giving him unordinary skills in vehicle navigation and physical combat. And he is known to possess the same incipient levitation and mind-reading abilities as his twin. The pair can read one another's minds perfectly and when their forces combine Cream & Cheese have been observed exhibiting full control of their levitation, higher order external mind reading abilities, and increased speed, physical strength, and stamina. He performs vocals, rhythm guitar, and wind instruments.


NO. 4 PopCorn Doniccé
—COMMUNICATIONS Specialist (Vocals/Lead Guitar/Keyboards/Orchestral Strings)

PopCorn Doniccé

So named for the illustrious crop of curly locks adorning the top of his head, PopCorn was the alter-ego of Custard Crème. He is permanently four years of age and is well regarded for his adroit skill with communication systems, algorithms and methods of coding. Recognized for his high facility with language, PopCorn is the author of both of the secret languages used by the SnackBox Brigade. He developed the onboard and roving communication systems used by the unit, and he is a master of encryption used to ward off interception of classified information in addition to being able to decipher any code that is placed before him. It is said that PopCorn's only weakness is that he is afraid of nothing, and he has been repeatedly decorated for saving his comrades in the face of certain peril, defeating several bullies, boogiemen, and monsters many times his size without hesitation or fault. He is the Brigade's head of communication and he represents the Grains and Cereals food group within the SnackBox. His favorite foods are Apple-Cinnamon-Raisin Oatmeal, 12-Grain Whole Wheat Bread, Quinoa, Soft Pretzels, and of course Cheese PopCorn. His demonstrated powers include lightning speed analytics and code deciphering for information transfer and problem solving, unusually high-precision aim and accuracy with all manner of projectiles, super-human physical speed, intermediate levitation, and early phase telekinesis. He performs vocals, bass, keyboards, and orchestral strings for the Brigade band.


NO. 5 LunchMeat Doniccé
—Technology Specialist (Vocals/Bass/Drums/Percussion)

LunchMeat Doniccé

LunchMeat was the alter-ego of Popcorn and therefore took a natural likeness to the use of technology. He is an expert in computer science, and has been instrumental in the development of both vehicles and weaponry used by the Brigade. He is the grande architect of the intelligent operating system used aboard the Starship Doniccé and its component vessels on land, sea, and air. LunchMeat is the most reticent of the Brigade's ranks and therefore has often been cited as the silent weapon of the unit as a result of his unpredictable reactions to adversity. His age is fixed at five years, and It is believed that he is the most physically agile and endurant member of his crew. His favorite foods are Chicken Milanese, Churrasco, Lobster, Shrimp, and Red Snapper.   Within the SnackBox he represents the Meats, Fish, & Poultry food groups. He serves as the principle engineer of the Starship Doniccé and the head of technology for the Brigade at large. His known powers include advanced-human speed and strength, unlimited perceptual framework (meaning he can mentally visualize the size differences between atoms and galaxies), basic levitation, and telekinesis. It has been noted that he is often capable of remembering, with vivid accuracy, events at which he was not present and for which he has no otherwise discernible means of knowing their premises, let alone their details. In his spare hours he worked tirelessly inventing and programming the artificial intelligence being which was to serve as the alter-ego of his stoic personality known as Snaxx. His specialties in the music group include vocals, bass, and drums as well as rhythmic and chromatic percussion.


NO. 6 Snaxx Doniccé
—Mechanics Specialist (Vocals/DJ/Sound FX/Synthesizer/Synth Drums)

Snaxx Doniccé

Snaxx is the alter-ego of LunchMeat. He was imagined, designed, prototyped, and constructed by LunchMeat himself in his laboratory throughout the wee hours of many long nights. Snaxx is a cybernetic robot form with artificial intelligence programmed to have free will. It is suspected that he is capable of dreaming and imaginative abstract thought. He is equipped with advanced weapons and transportation systems for sea, land, air and deep space navigation. Snaxx's processing hardware is of a specification unknown and it is believed that Lunch Meat supplied him with an integrated bio-tech system that gives his central intelligence core organic life that is able to progressively evolve as the robot experiences the external environment over time, and therefore never requires upgrading. Likewise, his operating system is also self-sustaining and free of upgrade requirements. Snaxx is the primary medic of the Brigade alongside Wingnut and the starship operating system. He is the head mechanical engineer within the SnackBox, and has constructed and oversees all maintenance on the crew's vehicular stable, including the Starship Doniccé and its fleet of vessels from Snack Pods to Subma-Onion-Rings to Rotten Tomato Tanks, and Atomic-Jelly Fighter Jets. He has built the Brigade's fleet with adaptable design technology similar to his own and incorporated unit integration technology for use with the secret NUTRITI-on system. He has no favorite foods, rather preferring to be surprised at mealtime, and represents Creative Juice within the collective. His housing unit is composed of an indestructible poly-carbon fiber, which allows him effective invulnerability to physical conditions ranging from the cold of deep space to the touch of molten lava. His body is composed of 24 modules, held together by induced gravity fields, which can be disengaged at will for transformation, maneuvering purposes or use as projectiles. His known powers include super-computing, Mach 3 flight speeds, he can lift 2 metric tons, and his housing incorporates a host of built-in tactical gadgets and weapons used for everyday obstacles and tight situations. In the vein of the other Brigade members he built WingNut as the manifestation of the alter-ego, which existed in his imagination. In the SnackBox's band he takes on vocals, DJ'ing, sound FX, synthesizers and synth drum sounds.


NO. 7 Wingnut Doniccé
—INTELLIGENCE Specialist (Vocals/DJ/Sound FX/Synthesizer/Mixing)

WingNut Doniccé

WingNut is the seventh and final member to join the SnackBox Brigade. He is the alter-ego of Snaxx the robot, and is himself a half-scale version of Snaxx, who constructed him in a single night. He possesses the same artificial intelligence and organic processing core as his larger counterpart, and earned the name Wingnut after developing the gliding flaps for his housing unit that he and Snaxx now use for increased maneuverability during aerial operations. WingNut is a skilled mechanic who manages the Brigade's vehicle store alongside his creator. He is known for performing unexpected upgrades to machinery including vehicles and weapons, which have been critical to his comrades in moments of greatest need. He serves as the troop's head of intelligence being a master of espionage and counter-intelligence operations. Due to his small size, he is able to bypass many enemy security defenses, and his self-modified hardware system has been optimized for data collection, storage, encryption and transmission, making him the perfect spy-bot. Like Snaxx, WingNut is capable of physical integration with any of the Brigade's technology systems including all vehicles and weapons, and even Snaxx. When the two combine, with Wingnut becoming a backpack to Snaxx, using their NUTRITI-on technology their jet-propulsion systems multiply their combined top speed from Mach 3 to Mach 7. His favorite foods are Brasil Nuts, Macadamia Nuts, Almonds, Pistachios, and Peanuts. Within the SnackBox he represents the Nuts, Legumes, & Seeds food group. His known powers include the same computing, resistance, speed, and strength abilities as Snaxx, and he has self-modified his exoskeleton to exhibit cloaking capabilities for covert operations. He performs vocals, DJ'ing, synthesizers, sound FX, and mixing within the band.


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MixTape: On the Precipice of Infinity

EP: Little Kids

Debut Album: Captive Youth


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