Youthful Offender in a black shirt and jeans
Lonely pretender of colorful dreams
You’re headed upstream
— From the song "Youthful Offender", written by Stylés Akira


Youthful Offender is an ode to the misguided ambitions of the forgotten adolescents of every era. Outcasts on the fringe of social acceptability, they find refuge in the reckless abandonment of juvenile mischief and the delinquent antics of a heart spirited by the freedom to be young and wild amidst a world full of rules and boundaries. Youthful Offender celebrates those of all ages who resist the oppression of the status quo in the constant struggle for progressive change in the name of justice and equality.


Standard - W  |  $35 USD

No. 1.157.135  |  $50 USD

Standard - B  |  $35 USD

Youthful Offender Skate Deck | $55 USD

Youthful Offender Skate Deck | $55 USD


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